Our Team

The FPDP team combines three companies – Fluor Federal Services, Inc. (FFS); LATA; and CB&I Federal Services, LLC − each with a successful track record of project performance and extensive capabilities directly relevant to supporting DOE with the Paducah Deactivation Project. This experience has given us an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the intricacies and complexities of the project and its importance to the surrounding communities.

We selected six individuals to lead the FPDP team because of their relevant technical and business-management experience; consistent track record for on-time, within-cost project delivery; personal commitment to safety; and skill in streamlining processes to realize cost efficiencies. They have worked with one another before as colleagues at various DOE project sites, including Hanford, Fernald, Portsmouth, and Paducah. Together, they have 31 years of gaseous diffusion plant experience, transferring facilities from Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to DOE authority and vice versa. This team will lead a projectized organization structured to execute the work scope efficiently, implement the most appropriate and cost-effective technical approaches, leverage the lessons learned from the Paducah and Portsmouth GDP projects, and provide accountability to DOE and stakeholders for overall project performance.

Our team will draw from our organizations’ collective project experience and the expertise of our leadership personnel to apply lessons learned, transfer procedures, and rapidly replicate systems to expedite startup and begin to move to deactivation activities and post-Paducah GDP shutdown remediation. We are finalizing our project implementation schedule with DOE and will provide additional information as it becomes available.

Leadership Team

Bob Smith
Paducah Program Manager

Bob has more than 30 years’ of nuclear facility leadership including decontamination and decommissioning, operations, startup, maintenance and project management. Bob is well known throughout the industry for his ability to manage complex projects and work collaboratively with Customers to achieve shared project goals. Bob has a demonstrated track record of developing realistic baseline estimates and safely leading projects to perform well against those expectations. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for several, large-scale projects and has delivered them safely, on-time and within budget.



Myrna Redfield
Deputy Program Manager / Environmental Management Director

Myrna has over 24 years of experience managing environmental management and regulatory affairs organizations at the Paducah Site and Oak Ridge Operations Office. This experience, combined with her strong relationships with our stakeholders and regulators, will help maintain continuity of leadership in the FPDP Environmental Management Organization.




Craig Willett
Acting Director GDP Facilities, Operations and Infrastructure

Craig has more than 22 years of nuclear facility experience including leadership roles in deactivation, project management, engineering, operations, work control, and maintenance.  He had extensive experience at the Paducah GDP while it was still in operation, including transition from DOE to USEC and NRC oversight and subsequent transition back to DOE.  Craig’s strengths include solving complex problems through bringing together the ideas of stakeholders and building strong relationships with the workforce to maximize safety and productivity.  His responsibilities include providing leadership and oversight of all operations, stabilization and deactivation of facilities, maintenance of operational facilities, and management of projects in a way that ensures a safe work environment for all employees and stakeholders.


Lance Waddell
Director, Business Services

Lance has more than 35 years of experience in business process, model development and implementation as well as project and product management. Major strengths include analytical skills, flexibility, quick problem resolution, and the ability to lead teams through empowering its members. Lance has extensive experience in leading Project Controls and Estimating System development at the corporate level. Lance has managed the Fluor Government Group Finance organization. He has also managed HR functions for an IT technology company and an environmental services laboratory. Lance was the recipient of the DOE IT Project of the Year Award in 2010.


Roland Chretien
Director, Health Safety, Security & Quality (HSS&Q)         

Roland has over 25 years of experience and has worked at Oak Ridge, Hanford, and Fernald providing project management support to nuclear projects in both government and commercial sectors. Some projects include decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear facilities, demolition of commercial test nuclear facilities, operation of waste treatment units, and remediation of commercial chemical sites.